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Moparscape Servers which are Runescape private servers

Runescape Private Servers
Runescape Private Servers are a lot like Runescape, but they usually have "modded" parts, such as better drops, faster exp, and so on. Some Runescape Private Servers are not up 24/7 because they are run off someone's computer. Runescape Private Servers are not at all linked to the real Runescape. They are just "
hacked" versions of the same thing, where you have to create a new account and start over.

If you were to be looking for a Runescape private server, you would come across some adds such as "Have any item in the game. Train your stats fast. No lag. Up 24/7." or "Runescape server, massive drop parties, max cb, max stat, great exp, and lots of fun! Free cheats, Runescape bots, exploits!!!" and even "Custom Items And Mounts, Instant lvl 126, all skill lvl 99, new quests, change any npc u want, over 10,000 players playing each day!"
Now, I'm sure you are wondering, if you have every item in the game, you are an instant lvl 126 with lvl 99 stats, what's the point? Well, one reason people play these is because they can do what they have always wanted to. They can wield full dragon, they can kill the best monster in the game, and they can do practically anything they want because of their 99
skills. Although, these are really no good for fighting, as you would be a perfect match for another person.
So, why are they so popular? Well I'm really not sure. I believe some people use them to rip other people off. They could make an account on one of these Runescape Private Servers, and then take a couple screenies and try to sell the account saying it's on the real Runescape. Of course, selling accounts in Runescape is illegal, and I in no way support it. Sometimes people just like to see what the server has to offer. Some servers offer ways to walk through walls and such.

The majority of these Runescape Private Servers are built in Moparscape. No, this has nothing to do with cars. To access the servers you have to have Moparscape. Moparscape is illegal because it breaks the copyright that is Runescape. Creators of Runescape Private Servers are indeed sued by Jagex. Though when one goes down, about ten more pop up in its place. Will they ever put a stop to Runescape Private Servers? I highly doubt it.
Some sites claim to give you downloads of Moparscape, and they are really just key loggers. I would not advise downloading it from any site.
There are thousands of Runescape Private Servers out there. To find them and sue them all would take ages! Sure, Runescape Private Servers look fun and all, but are any of them better than the actual Runescape? I don't think so. If you really want to go out and risk getting a key logger and loosing your
Runescape account to some guy, than just go do a Google search. Again, I in no way support this. There is really no point in all the trouble some people go through to do things illegally. Hackers, Scammers, Autoers, they all risk their accounts every time they do it. So, before you go out Googling, think about it, is it really worth it?

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